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Where To Get The Best Sunday Lunch In Durham

Durham knows how to do Sunday lunch right! Whether you’re in the mood for a traditional pub setting or a bit of a fancier affair, there’s a perfect Sunday roast waiting for you. Let’s take a look at some of the places offering contenders for the best Sunday lunch in Durham, all of which are sure to tickle your tastebuds!

Top Choices for Sunday Dinner in Durham

Detailed Guide: Best Roast Dinner in Durham

1. Whitechurch


Whitechurch is a lovely spot for a proper Sunday roast. Their menu is focused, with a limited number of starters and main courses – a sign that they use quality, seasonal ingredients. The roast beef I had was perfectly cooked, juicy and tender, and their Yorkshire puddings are some of the best I’ve had in Durham, light and airy. 

While they offer other roast options, the beef is a must-try! 

The atmosphere is stylish and lively, perfect for a special occasion or a casual get-together with friends. While on the pricier side, Whitechurch delivers a Sunday lunch experience that lives up to its reputation, with attentive service and generous portions. Is it the best Sunday lunch in Durham? It is certainly a real contender!

  • Best for: Special occasion Sunday lunch
  • Dish to Order: Roast beef with Yorkshire pudding
  • Address: 29 Church Street Head, Durham, County Durham, DH1 3DN
  • Rating: **** (out of 5)
  • Price: ££££
  • For table reservations, please visit:

2. The Cellar Door

The Cellar Door

The Cellar Door offers a relaxed Sunday lunch experience that balances classic dishes with a touch of modern flair. Their menu changes with the seasons, showcasing fresh, local ingredients. You’ll always find a traditional roast option, but be sure to check their specials for something a little different. One Sunday, it might be a succulent slow-roasted lamb shoulder, another a delicate seared salmon with dill sauce. 

The highlight, however, is the stunning riverside setting. With multiple terraces for outdoor dining when the weather allows, The Cellar Door provides a delightful contrast between historic charm and a vibrant atmosphere. Service is friendly and efficient, making it a great choice for a casual yet satisfying Sunday lunch.

  • Best for: Riverside Sunday lunch with friends
  • Dish to Order: Changes seasonally, ask your server!
  • Address: 41/42 Saddler St, Durham DH1 3NU, UK
  • Rating: *** (out of 5)
  • Price: £££
  • For table reservations, please visit:

3. The Boat Club

The Boat Club

The Boat Club delivers a lively Sunday lunch experience, perfect for those who want a bit of a buzz with their meal. We found the traditional roast offerings perfectly decent, but the true star here is their Tomahawk steak.  This impressive cut is great for sharing and adds a touch of something special to your Sunday meal. The riverfront setting offers great views too. 

Overall, the atmosphere is more the focus than ultra-refined dining. Service can get a bit chaotic, especially during peak times, and prices are on the higher end of what you’ll find in Durham. So if you want a casual yet vibrant spot for a Sunday lunch, The Boat Club is definitely worth considering.

  • Best for: Lively Sunday lunch atmosphere
  • Dish to Order: Tomahawk steak (if sharing)
  • Address: Elvet Bridge, Durham, DH1 3AF
  • Rating: 4/5
  • Price: ££££
  • For table reservations, please visit:

4. Duke of Wellington

Duke of Wellington

The Duke of Wellington ticks the boxes if we want a no-frills, classic Sunday roast in a cosy pub setting. The portions were generous, with all the essentials: roasted meats, Yorkshire puddings, vegetables, and plenty of gravy. Opt for the roast beef – it’s the best seller.

The pub has a traditional feel, complete with fireplaces and a welcoming atmosphere, good for families and groups. Be aware that service can be a bit hit or miss, and the overall food quality might not always be stellar, but that shouldn’t entirely overshadow the comforting experience. If you prioritise a generous, classic pub roast in a classic British pub, rather than the more expensive best restaurants in Durham, the Duke of Wellington is a solid option for a filling Sunday dinner in Durham.

5. The Travellers Rest

The Travellers Rest

We found The Travellers Rest had that classic British pub feel and delivered a spot-on Sunday lunch. Expect all the hearty roast staples, along with generous Yorkshire puddings and plenty of gravy. Opt for their classic roast, the portions will satisfy even the hungriest diner. If you’ve got room, the homemade desserts looked great too. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming, perfect for gathering with family or friends to relax over a satisfying meal. The staff are friendly, and the overall value for the quality and quantity of food makes it a good choice considering the portions. It’s a real contender for the best Sunday lunch in Durham!

  • Best for: Hearty pub Sunday roast 
  • Dish to Order: Classic roast dinner  
  • Address: Front Street, Witton Gilbert, Durham DH7 6TQ 
  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • Price: ££
  • For table reservations, please visit:

6. The Stonebridge Inn

The Stonebridge Inn

The Stonebridge Inn fully delivers that traditional pub vibe, especially when it comes to their Sunday Roast.  Expect generous portions of roasted meats, plenty of veg, and those all-important Yorkshire puddings. The roast is their focus, so stick with tradition for your order here. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming, perfect for lingering over a leisurely meal with friends and family. Service was friendly in our experience, although some others note it can be a bit slow when they’re busy.  Overall, the value for the quality and quantity of food makes it a good choice, considering the prices are pretty standard pub fare.

  • Best for: Classic pub Sunday lunch
  • Dish to Order: Traditional roast dinner
  • Address: Stonebridge Ln, Neville’s Cross, Durham DH1 3RX 
  • Rating: 4/5
  • Price: ££
  • For table reservations, please visit:

7. Curious Mr Fox

Curious Mr Fox

The Curious Mr. Fox delivers a Sunday lunch experience that’s all about the atmosphere at one of the best restaurants in Durham. The whimsical decor with its distinct rooms makes exploring the space part of the fun. It feels upscale compared to a standard pub, and the extensive cocktail menu reinforces that. We found the traditional roast offerings perfectly decent, although the unique ambience is the real draw here. Think of it as a place to linger, enjoying the quirky surroundings, friendly service, and delicious cocktails alongside your classic Sunday roast. While the price tag is definitely above average, the overall experience could still make it the perfect choice for when you’re looking for a Sunday lunch with a memorable twist.

  • Best for:  Unique Sunday lunch experience 
  • Dish to Order: Traditional roast dinner
  • Address: 38 Elvet Bridge, Durham DH1 3AA
  • Rating: 3.5/5
  • Price: £££ 
  • For table reservations, please visit:

8. The Rose Tree Inn

The Rose Tree Inn

The Rose Tree Inn delivers that classic village pub experience – cosy, friendly, and unpretentious. Expect a menu filled with all the pub favourites, and regulars seem to love their Sunday Roast. We enjoyed well-executed versions of the classics with generous portions that deliver great value for the price. The service was warm and attentive, adding to that welcoming pub atmosphere. The Rose Tree offers a dog friendly Sunday lunch in Durham, making it a perfect option after a walk. On warmer days, the beer garden looks like the ideal spot to relax with a pint. Overall, if you’re craving a relaxed, satisfying pub lunch in a comfortable setting, the Rose Tree Inn is a solid choice.  

  • Best for: Classic pub lunch fix 
  • Dish to Order: Sunday Roast looks solid 
  • Address: Low Road West, Shincliffe, Durham, DH1 2NU, UK
  • Rating: 4/5
  • Price: ££
  • For table reservations, please visit:

9. La Spada

La Spada

If you’re looking to switch up the classic roast, La Spada offers an elegant alternative for your Sunday lunch. Their menu highlights fresh, seasonal ingredients crafted into refined Italian dishes.  Expect beautifully presented pasta,  seafood dishes full of authentic flavour, and tempting desserts that showcase their attention to detail.  The upscale setting adds a touch of sophistication, making it feel special without being stuffy.  The warm, family-run atmosphere ensures you feel looked after throughout the meal.  

While prices reflect the focus on quality, those with heartier appetites might find the portions a bit light, given the cost. However, if you prioritise beautifully executed dishes in an inviting setting that makes your Sunday meal feel like a treat, La Spada is a wonderful choice. Think of it as prioritising quality over quantity – perfect for savouring each bite in a relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere. For a more unusual Sunday dinner in Durham, La Spada ticks all the boxes!

  • Best for: Upscale Italian Sunday lunch 
  • Dish to Order: Signature pasta or seafood dish
  • Address: 12-13 Saddler St, Durham DH1 3NU
  • Rating: 4/5
  • Price: ££££
  • For table reservations, please visit:

10. The Kingslodge Inn

The Kingslodge Inn

The Kingslodge Inn delivers a cosy Sunday lunch experience with a warm, inviting atmosphere. The space has a blend of modern and rustic touches, making it both stylish and comfortable.  The friendly staff added to the welcoming vibe. Their menu boasts both traditional roast options alongside a wider selection of classic pub fare, catering to a range of tastes. We found our roast well-cooked with generous portions, making it a satisfying choice if you want a hearty plate of food.  If you’re looking for a place where the overall experience matters more than innovative dishes, The Kingslodge Inn offers a comfortable spot to enjoy a casual Sunday meal.  While the food won’t blow you away, the friendly service and inviting atmosphere make it a solid pub lunch option. This is a perfect option to follow one of many Sunday morning scenic walks around Durham

11. Rib Room at Ramside Hall

Rib Room at Ramside Hall

The Rib Room at Ramside Hall delivers a classic upscale steakhouse experience perfectly suited to Sunday Lunch. If you’re looking for premium cuts in an elegant setting, this is it.  We opted for the roast, and while the beef was cooked to perfection with generous portions, the sides weren’t particularly memorable. However, the attentive service enhanced the experience and made it feel a bit more special. Expect a traditional menu rather than inventive dishes or surprises. 

The price tag reflects the overall ambience and quality of the meat.  If you’re looking for a place to linger over a perfectly cooked steak with all the classic sides in a sophisticated setting, the Rib Room ticks those boxes. For those prioritising innovative dishes or a more relaxed feel, it might not be the top contender for Sunday Lunch. 

12. Marco Pierre White Durham

Marco Pierre White Durham

Marco Pierre White Durham delivers a classic steakhouse experience for Sunday lunch, with the focus squarely on the meat. The steaks themselves lived up to expectations: cooked well and satisfyingly portioned. We opted for the roast, and the beef didn’t disappoint. Unfortunately, the sides were a bit forgettable, and the service, while friendly, felt haphazard during our visit. 

The restaurant carries a certain sense of occasion, given the name and hotel setting. If you’re looking for a place to treat yourself to a good steak in a slightly more refined atmosphere,  this could still be a solid choice.  However,  the price tag might not align with the overall experience, especially if the uneven aspects of the service are a significant factor for you.

  • Best for: Steak-focused Sunday lunch 
  • Dish to Order: Signature steak 
  • Address: Old Elvet, Durham DH1 3JN
  • Rating: 3/5
  • Price: ££££

For table reservations, please visit:

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to get the best Sunday Lunch in Durham city centre?

Several great options exist! Try The Boat Club for a lively setting, The Stonebridge Inn for a cozy pub atmosphere, or Marco Pierre White Durham for a steak-focused experience.

Where to get Sunday Dinner near Durham?

Venture slightly outside the city centre for hidden gems like The Travellers Rest for a classic pub roast or The Rose Tree Inn for their dog-friendly, welcoming atmosphere.

Who does the best Sunday dinner in Durham?

This is subjective! “Best” depends on your priorities. Whitechurch is known for its traditional roasts, The Cellar Door for modern touches, and The Boat Club for lively energy.

How much does Sunday roast in Durham cost?

Expect to pay anywhere from £10-£15 for pub roasts and upwards of £20-£30 for upscale restaurants. Check menus for exact pricing.

Where serves Sunday Dinner late in Durham?

Pubs are your best bet for late lunches. Check The Boat Club or The Duke of Wellington, but call to confirm their latest serving times.

Who has the best Yorkshire puddings in Durham?

Word on the street is Whitechurch and The Travellers Rest are top contenders for their fluffy, golden Yorkshire puddings!